Friday, June 10, 2016

LucyLucy (4).JPG
My Creature is a Tamarin Monkey

Some things I needed to consider about my creature is that they are quite small and they like playing and swinging in the trees. They eat insects and fruit. They sleep in the trees and they like living with other Tamarin monkey’s.
My enclosure has these special features for my pet: A springy bed, a food and water trough, some trees and some stones to climb on. I made a high fence around it so they don’t get out. If I made a real enclosure the walls would have had a roof on them too. Lucy.JPGLucy (5).JPG

What I am pleased about: How the bed and the trees turned out because when I  finished they looked like real trees also how the trough looked when I finished it.

What I have found tricky: Making the fence stand up and attaching the chicken wire to the kindling.

What I would like to improve: I need to think about how the fence posts will join together because on one of them half a post is on the enclosure floor and half is sticking out.

Lucy (1).JPG

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